Are you of legal drinking age in your country?

You are not from Estados Unidos?


  • Wann wird die Plattform live gehen?
    Wie in einer guten Küche oder beim perfekten Cocktail gilt: Gut Ding will Weile haben. Aber keine Sorge: Unser Team arbeitet gemeinsam mit dir daran, alle Inhalte auf die Plattform zu laden, um dann bereit für den Go-Live der Plattform zu sein.
  • Wie und von wem werde ich kontaktiert?
    Dein Gebietsverkaufsleiter wird dich per E-Mail kontaktieren, um alles Weitere zum Projekt gemeinsam mit dir zu besprechen.
  • Welche Voraussetzungen muss ich erfüllen, um beim Projekt dabei zu sein?
    Wir sind auf der Suche nach Bars und Restaurants, die Gastfreundschaft großschreiben und ihren Kunden einen Mehrwert bieten möchten – jetzt und in Zukunft.
  • Can I offer my delivery services?
    We are working in making the platform as useful as possible for everyone involved and will update you soon about this specific subject.
  • In which currency the amount will be made?
    We will work with an e-commerce platform which allows consumers to pay in a local currency, we will make you the payment at the current rate.
  • Will the platform remain live once we open?
    Yes, the idea is for the platform to evolve at the same pace as the industry. Your collaboration with Join the table allows us to offer strength and growth but also find other ways we may be able to support the industry in the future.
  • Can I share my content?
    Of course. You will have your own profile page and sharing options linked to social media so you can share it via SoMe, website, mobile, etc. Remember, the better the content, the more visits you will get, so get creative!
  • Can I edit my content?
    Yes. During its launch, our team will be on hand to help you upload all of your Info and products into the platform, with the aim that you yourself will be able to update the information and offerings in the future. We believe that keeping your profile active is the best way to communicate and sell experiences.
  • Which content can I upload to my profile?
    Apart from the experiences you offer, you can upload your venue information, pictures, etc. But you can also get creative and use special content to lure your customers to your page, such as recipes, video capsules, or taking the chance to verbally explain exactly what your guest has in store for them.
  • How I will receive the amount of purchases?
    You will receive the transaction amount directly in your bank account in approximately 2 workdays with the pertinent commission.